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SWAN UK is 10 this year 😍

10 years ago we were starting our journey into the unknown. 10 years ago Roo was just a few mths old & undergoing many tests to find out why he was severely delayed along with his large head. When test after test came back with nothing conclusive we felt very alone. No one could tell us what was wrong with our son. No one could tell us what his future would hold. We were simply told that he had brain abnormalities & that he wouldn't be able to walk, talk etc. We didn't know anyone who was in a similar situation so we carried on the journey all alone as we didn't fit in anywhere. 9 years ago my mother came across an article in the newspaper about a little girl called Jess who was a SWAN. Curious I immediately went on the internet to search for more information. That's when our journey joined SWAN UK. Finally there was a place we could fit in, a place where we found many other families in the same situation as us. No longer were we alone on our journey

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