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When your child finally wants to hear

This is the view I had from my bed early one morning. What's so special about that picture I see you asking? It's the fact that she is wearing her CI's. Ever since she was a 10wk old baby she has never wanted to wear her aids first thing in the morning, she would fuss or moan, even when she was first activated she would not tolerate them till about 9ish in the morning. But after a recent mapping where her programming was turn up louder she seems to have come on leaps and bounds. It's always been drummed into us that we must put her hearing aids/CI's on as soon as she is awake till she goes to sleep at night. But she never liked her hearing aids and we now know that she wasn't getting anything from them so they were just an annoyance to her. At the start of her CI journey she would take them off as often as she could. I would persevere and put them back on but after the 50th time in an hour sometimes you think "sod it" & allow her some time without…

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