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Death, Stars & Understanding

Death is often a topic that many parents don't want to talk about to their children but quite often children are curious and ask questions. I believe it's important to answer these questions as honestly as you can so that it helps them to understand it better. By trying to brush it aside, refusing to talk about it can make kids fear death more I think as they will think it's something they aren't allowed to talk about, something to fear, something they aren't allowed to understand, something they aren't allowed to feel.
Death is inevitable, it will enter most children's lives at some point being it a pet, grandparents, parents, siblings etc so it's important when a loved one dies that you sit down with your child & try to explain in whatever way you feel is best about why that person is no longer around. Encourage them to talk about their feelings, help them to understand & process it all. Children all express grief in different ways, they can …

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