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Coming out of her shell slowly

I was a shy girl when I was younger so I wasn't surprised when Faith started to become shy soon after her 1st birthday but as time has gone on we realised it was slightly more extreme than normal shyness. Every professional commented on it, kept saying that it made it hard for them to do their assessments, they had to rely on me telling them what sounds she could make and you could see the apprehension on their faces at the beginning as it sounded like I was talking about a different child! At home she is the bossiest, loudest & most fiesty one out of her older brothers. The complete opposite to what the outside world sees.. They see a shy, timid child who clings to her mummy, who cried if they dared speak to her, who cried everytime someone outside the family came into our home, she couldn't look at them in the face, she would just stare at me and completely blank them. Every session with both the speech therapist and speech rehab lady she stayed completely silent. Her t…

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