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Looking back

As I watched the moonlight stream through the curtains as I lay on the floor next to Roo's bed my mind started to look back on the past year. It's been a rollercoaster of a year with emotions everywhere.The amount of appointments we had over the year was ridiculous, little did we know how much those appointments would literally take over our lives as no longer we had one child with needs, we now had two and there were many times it felt overwhelming esp the month where we had a record 25 appointments between us all! Some days we had 3 different appointments at different places so it was maniac with us rushing from one place to the other...this year I have decided that if we get too many appointments in a week I'm going to move some to a later date , spread them out a bit as it will be less stressful, less pressure on me. April saw us finally getting a possible result from the DDD study after 4.5yrs on it, 6 yrs since we started the genetic testing. But it was a bittersweet…

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