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The benefits of respite

I think you should consider respite
Those words were uttered by our paediatrician and before I could react she said that she would be contacting our HV nurse who was our point of contact for any issues etc. Afterwards once at home and I had time to process all that went on in the meeting I was like "no way we are needing respite". When the nurse broached the subject she could tell by my reaction that I wasn't keen so she said she wasn't going to push me and that we would leave it. My reasoning for being against it was that Roo is my child, my responsibility, so why would I need respite? I felt that the professionals suggesting this meant that they thought I wasn't good enough, that I couldn't cope with my own child. I wanted to prove them wrong that I could cope. We plodded along for another year, attending the many appointments monthly, undergoing various tests to try and get some answers to his issues. Around this time my eldest child was being bullied at …

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