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The realisation that a diagnosis doesnt always give you answers

"The DDD study have found a result for Reuben"
As soon as I read those words it was as if time stood still, everything around me seemed to slow down, fade away. I gasped and re read the words over and over before saying "OMG" to my husband. Puzzled he asked what was wrong and I told him what I had just read, disbelief, confusion, & curiosity all showed on his face as I read out loud the email that I had just received from the genetic consultant. We just stared at each other before all the questions started coming out... we had been searching for answers since he was 11 wks old...6 yrs of test after test with normal results or abnormal results that left consultants scratching their heads as it made no sense, 4yrs 5 mths on the DDD study we had started to give up hope that we would ever get answers but now the answer was within reach. Fearing a long wait as we know of others who have been in  this situation only to have to wait weeks/months to hear the results we…

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