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Mum guilt

Until you become a parent, you can't fully understand the guilt one feels if something happens to their child. I see so many of my mum friends say how guilty they feel when their child was injured /had an accident while in their care. I have over the years since having my first born followed by his siblings have felt this "guilt" when they have fallen & hurt themselves or they've managed to do something dangerous before you can get hold of them. So many things run through your mind afterwards like - if only I didn't go into the kitchen to put rubbish in the bin, if only I didn't go to see why their sister was crying etc . There are so many reasons one feels guilty about & it's completely normal part of being a parent I guess.
But I think that "guilt" tends to amplify more when you have a special needs child to care for as well. Well that's what I think anyway! 
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