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8wks into her hearing journey...

On the 8th December 4wks after her surgery Faith was switched on. I went in with low expectations as I remember how gutted I felt when she got her hearing aids as it was nothing like all those videos that you see on social media of the amazing reactions children experiencing sound for the first time. I'm so glad I was better prepared this time round as her switch on was not the huge reaction everyone seems to have...she gave very little subtle signs that she was hearing, she just sat there with her eyes looking very suspicious as you can see in the video clip below.

We were told not to worry and that over the coming weeks we should see more positive reactions.
We went home and the challenge that faced us was getting her to keep them on! Like with her hearing aids she removed them the first chance she got! A week passed and we hadn't notice anything so went for her second mapping and the volume was adjusted to louder and the following weeks we saw her start to react t…

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