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So many changes

Four months have passed since the world as we know it has changed. I never thought how much it would impact on Roo. At first he was happy about there being no school!  The first week we just treated it as if it was a holiday from school, lounging around the house, watching movies, playing in the garden etc.

Then the emails came from school about google classrooms. home learning etc. This is going to be easy I thought but I soon realised it wasn't! Roo had 3 classrooms on his account - one was his reading class, one was his mainstream class and one was his Hub (sen) class. Every day the teachers would post work for them to do. Roo took one look at the work I showed him and turned away from me. Tried again the next day and the same thing happened. I decided to leave it for a few days and try again. I would either get the thumbs down or refusal to do anything. We got the odd day where he would take an interest for 10 mins or so before deciding he had enough. It was hard work trying t…

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