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It's OK to not be OK

I never saw myself as a carer when Roo was younger, to me I was just doing what a Mum would do to ensure the best for her children and family. It wasnt until one of Roo's professionals sat down and spoke to me about our life,  how even though drawing up different meds daily, attending to all your child's personal needs, co coordinating meetings, attending appointments weekly, sacrificing your sleep to care and watch over your child to ensure they are safe amongst various other things isn't exactly what most families experience so as well as being a parent we become carers too. It wasn't until my youngest came along that I accepted I was a carer as well as a Mum because she too has needs and everything was doubled - the appointments, therapies and life suddenly became harder and there were days when I wondered if I was still Mum.
Although I'm seen as the main carer for both my younger two as I don't work due to being up most of the night and attending all their…

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