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School Refusal

School refusal was something I always thought happened to older children but I soon learned that it also applies to younger children.   Our first experience with school refusal with Fox was earlier this year. Thankfully her teachers at the time were amazing and helped to reassure Fox & find ways to help her anxieties at the time so we were able to get her comfortable back into school and I thought that would be it, that it was a one off.  Summer holidays came and went. Fox returned to school and at first seemed to be settling in.  But soon the school refusals started up again..a day there and another day there. A quick email to her TOD & teacher often helps to sort the issue that is bothering her and she returns the next day. But this past week has been the worse. She only managed to go into school for 2 days. I had a sense that something was going to happen as when she finished school on the Friday for the weekend she wasn't herself and didn't want to talk so I didn&#

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