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Calm in the choas

I am always so glad when it's time for the school holidays as it means life becomes that bit calmer amongst the chaos. Since Roo started nursery then school I realised I could see a pattern happening. In term time things can often be full of chaos both at home and in school..Roo has good days and bad days just like everyone else but in his case he cannot communicate what is bothering him on the rough the end of term approaches I find he becomes more exhausted, more stubborn, unwilling to cooperate, not wanting to do things.I remember his last few mths at nursery were hell as he refused to walk into the nursery and also some days refused to walk out of nursery...sometimes he cried and fought against me but I assumed it was because I was heavily pregnant with his sister and that he was just playing up like I was told by others. A peaceful summer followed and he started his first year at school... at the beginning and end of each term he would be very reluctant to go to sch…

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