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First Steps on a New Path...

The day Faith first got hearing aids was not what we expected. We had seen the you tube videos of other babies reactions to hearing sounds, had people tell us how amazing it was going to be which led us to have high expectations I guess and when the actual event happened it was such a disappointment! She slept through the fitting of the aids, she didn't show any response at all...we were told not to worry that once she was awake we would see the reactions. As the days went on, weeks followed by months she showed very little response or reactions so we were faced with a decision that we never expected to make while she was so young... To go down the cochlear implant route or not...We decided to go ahead with the assessments to understand more about her deafness her local hospital they said she had a severe bilateral hearing loss but I found myself saying "if that was the case then why isn't she responding to hearing aids?" They kept saying to be patient and i…

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