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Goodbye Green Room..

Shortly after Roo's 1st birthday his Paediatrician referred him to join Kidzone which is a playgroup for children with additional needs. Must admit I was really apprehensive about it all, not sure what to expect as it was a completely different environment to what I was used to with my older boys. It wasn't just a new experience for Roo but for me as well but I needn't have worried as all the mums were lovely as were the was through this group that we were told about the Green Room that provides nursery provision to special needs children from the age of 2-5yrs & it was recommended that we apply for a place. Shortly after Roo's 2nd birthday he started going to the Green Room for two afternoons a wk which then built up to 2 full days a week.

The Green Room is a great place, as they have various different areas all accessible for the children regardless of their disability. They also have access to soft play ( a big favourite of Roo's!) and sensory room …