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Bank holiday antics!

So it was bank holiday weekend just past, it was far from a 'holiday'! I'm pretty sure my greys are growing in so much faster than normal!
Because of the endless antics my youngest got up to! Here are a FEW examples of what he got up to -
What's that white thing? Oh it's a wipe behind the glass...he managed to find a very small gap at the top and squeeze the wipe through! So the whole thing is gonna have to come apart in order to remove the offending wipe...what is it with children and wipes? If Roo sees a wipe packet lying around he makes a beeline for it and cleans the house with them ( think he doesn't rate my housekeeping skills?)

While he was quietly lying on the floor playing with his car I sneaked the opportunity to have a seat and drink my cuppa which was going cold after me abandoning it because he had gone upstairs of his own accord...I see a white thing flying past, just missing my cuppa...on closer inspection it turns out that while I thought he w…