Two sides of Reuben..

Following the trend among my fellow SWANS who have been making maps/diagrams of their swan's so I though I would make one of Reuben that describes two different sides to him... I have just done a simple version on the computer as Im far too lazy to draw one! 

As you can see the list on the left is much longer than our list about him but those few words sum him up totally... he is the most happiest child I have ever known, always smiling and giggling with us whenever we tickle him...Sometimes when he been caught doing something like climbing onto the storage box so that he can reach the tv on the wall in our living room he will look at us with the most mischevious look in his eyes and breaks out in the most cheekest grin that you cant help but laugh instead of telling him off! Despite all his problems I wouldnt change him for the world....