First Day at Nursery...

Reuben got a place at the local Early Years Room for special needs children and his first day was on Tuesday 22nd January... I spent all morning so nervous and kept pacing around the house... a sign that Im anxious... Reuben & I have hardly been apart since he was born only spending one night apart when i had to stay in hospital overnight with my eldest boy last summer! 1pm approoached and we arrived at the school and when we went into the room we were met with huge smile and welcome from one of the nursery nurses and instantly made me feel bit better seeing a friendly face!!

She explained that seeing Reuben was ok at the home visit a few weeks ago that I could just leave him and see how things go instead of staying! So because Reuben sometimes screams if he sees me going away we decided it was best for me to sneak out so she came over and lifted him into her arms and he was happy enough to let her and once they turned round that was my cue to sneak out... One quick glimpse back and I quickly scurried away with tears in my eyes! Oh I know I am far too emotional for my own good!! Spent the whole afternoon clock watching and checking my mobile for text message to say I was needed back as he was upset but nope nothing! 

Time came to pick him up and when I walked into the room he looked at me and smiled and promptly ignored me! I have to admit that I had visions of him coming to me and giving me a hug as that what my older two did when they started nursery but then it hits me that he isnt like them and this makes me sad but I soon shake it off and watch him play with the water with H (his nursery worker)  and it makes me smile to see how happy he is splashing away in the water soaking everything in the process and watching him with H I could see he was so comfortable around her which made me feel a lot better as I know that at the end of the day the staff will do everything to help him progress.

H told me that he was absolutely fine and was so happy so looks like there isnt going to be any settling in issues which is good. I was introduced to lots of different staff who were coming and going - its such a busy place but it shows how much help the children get. One introduced me to being the occupational therapist who would be working with Reuben during his time there... she explained that she knew that we were going to see his consultant  in Feb and that she was summoned to the meeting too which was a surprise to hear as the letter said nothing about it and got me worrying whats going to happen in the meeting! I worry about everything! Soon it was time to go and Reuben turned his back on them all and gave a wave with his hands and walked out of the door!! So it was a successful visit and I can relax knowing he is happy there... I just have to get used to having some time to myself with NO KIDS!!! So strange! What will I do with myself?!