Finally after over a year of signing to Reuben he has started to copy us with some of the signs which is wonderful to see! He doesnt understand why or what it means but the main thing is that he is actually trying to copy the signs and taking an interest!! At the moment he can copy -
  • pizza
  • car
  • cat
  • shoes
  • coat
Really really chuffed with him as its progress on his part.... now we just need to try and get him to do the signs on his own accord and getting him to understand what they actually mean...gonna be a long process but this is giving me hope that one day I might actually be able to communicate with my gorgeous wee boy....


His signing is not too good much to our dismay... he is forgetting the signs that he has learned above...only sign he can do is car but the rest he no longer remembers.... Im absolutely gutted and feel so deflated as I thought we were finally getting somewhere.....


He has started to try and copy some of the signs....but he seems to not be understanding what the signs are for, sometimes he will copy a sign but he doesnt actually know what it means...he doesnt seem to assoicate the word with the sign... We are perservering far the signs he can copy are "car" "trampoline"...He is babbling a lot more and says sounds in the rhythm of the sound of a word for example "bye bye" he says "ay ay" ..."daddy" he says "a ay"