Planet Unknown

Happy Birthday to SWAN UK !!

Just thought I do a wee post today seeing that its SWAN UK second birthday....if you want to know all about it just click on the link above which will take you to its website and you can read all about it...

For me its a lot more personal....I see SWAN UK as a second family as its somewhere I can say "I belong here" . I have only been a part of this online family since the summer 2012 so not even a year & I only wish that I knew all about it when it first started then maybe I wouldn't have felt so alone, feeling that I was the only one living on Planet Unknown...

Finally I could speak to other parents who were in the same shoes as us, having a child who was undiagnosed, a place where we could rant about the lack of support from professionals, cry when we are down, share our worries about our little swans, ask & give advice about many things ranging from feeding issues to poo problems! We can basically talk about anything and know that we wont be judged. Many friendships have been formed and no longer are we alone... So thank you SWAN UK for all the hard work you have done and are still doing... You make sure that families like us are not alone and that there is support for us all. 

Over two years ago I landed on Planet Unknown,
There was no one there,
I was all alone,
Just me and my little boy,
We stumbled through the long, dark days
searching for a ray of light.
Our nights were long and drawn out
all you could hear was the whimpers & cries of my little boy.
I would hold him close, tears silently running down my face.

What kept me going, kept me fighting
was the smiles my boy gave me,
just one look at that smile
was enough to recharge my fighting spirit every dark day

One day as we were stumbling through
we came across a dark deep ravine..
Spanning across the ravine was a bridge
On the other side of the bridge
was the tinest ray of light
We stood before the bridge
wondering if we were brave enough to cross

I looked down at my little boy cradled in my arms
he looked into my eyes
lifted his hand to my face to touch the tear running down
he then gave me the biggest smile yet
That smile filled me with courage
so I took a shaky step onto the bridge.

I kept on walking,
keeping my eyes on the ray of light,
once I reached the other side
I turned round and saw Planet Unknown dissolve away..

We walked into the ray of light 
No longer was we alone, 
arms reached out and welcomed us,
We were finally among friends
people who understood where we came from
That place was Planet Swan...

Happy Birthday Swan UK