Sleeping ...

As I lay beside you,
Watching you fall asleep
I look at your face,
Taking in every feature
Planting it in my memories forever.
I gaze at your head
And wish I could look into your dreams..
Are you dreaming of a land full of music?
Where you can bang the drums as loud as you can
Or make as much noise with the keyboard as you can
Humming along to the many tunes you know?
Maybe you are dreaming of playing in the water
Splashing with glee for as long as you want? 
I always wish I could have a glimpse of your dreams
To give me some idea what goes on in your mind...
Sleep is not something that comes naturally to you
It's one of your issues as you wake often,
Toss and turn all night long
So every time you close your eyes 
I'm grateful for the rest your body desperately needs
(And relish those moments of peace! )
I will always watch over you while you sleep,
Making sure no harm comes to you..
Before I go to bed every night I creep into your room
Kiss your soft cheeks and whisper "I love you" ....