Great times!

I am always trying to focus on the positives as professionals tend to always seem to focus on the negatives or find other issues/problems/concerns so thought it was time to tell you all about those last few weeks where he just seemed to have come on loads!

I think I will just write it as a list as its much easier!

  1. He can work his iPad a lot better! He knows now that he can put his fingers on the screen and swipe it to move to the next page and then using 1 or 2 fingers he can now click on what application he wants!
  2. When playing with an application on the iPad he sometimes accidently switches it off so he now taps me to make me look at the iPad and put it back on for him! Before he would just lose interest if he switched it off and do something else...
  3. He is becoming more vocal, trying to say words and before only me and Warren could understand what he was trying to say as we were saying it before hand but others his nursery have told us that they are starting to be able to work out what he is trying to say as when they say the word he sometimes tries to say it but in rythum so its easier to work out what he is trying to say! So there is hope that we will get his first proper word some point in the future!
  4. He is taking a lot more interest in the TV! While to many this may be bad as I know its frowned upon in encouraging your child to watch tv but this is huge as it means he will sit and watch a programme ( only Mr Tumble, Curious George & Spongebob) from begining to end so it means I can sneak a sneaky 10 mins rest on the sofa with a hot cuppa!!
  5. His balance is improving since I bought him a pair of supportive boots and the number of falls has decreased a lot ...after proving this to the Physio they finally agreed to give us Peidro boots and we get them this week! It makes a difference not having Roo injured almost on a daily basis, bruises are a lot less and his head is getting a rest from all the bumps.
  6. He understands the word NO !!! Before he would carry on what he is doing but now he stops, looks at me and waits till I take him away from what he isnt supposed to be touching!
  7. He is becoming more and more musical... 
  8. He is trying to sign more signs - just need to try and get him to remember them!
  9. His health has been fantastic this past 3mths...big difference from previous years where he was always suffering from chest/ear/skin infections etc
  10. I hope I havent jinxed things by writing this post!!!