For as long as I can remember I have always dreamed of becoming a Mum, and having a large family... I loved watching The Waltons as a child and loved the idea of having a busy household with kids running around.

I soon learned nothing is that simple as they often make it out to 20 yrs old I was devastated to be told I had severe PCOS & would never have a family unless I had fertility treatment. I held it together in the appointment and once I got home and had to break the news to my Fiance (who is now my husband!)  I completely broke dreams shattered. It was a very dark time but my other half stuck by me and we eventually got married a few years later. After a magical honeymoon we came home mentally prepared to start fertility treatment to see if we could ever get our dream of becoming parents. After 4 cycles we were over the moon to discover we were pregnant with our longed for baby.

The moment I held my son I finally understood a " mothers love" it was the most amazing thing ever...I relished every moment of being a Mum, 2yrs later after 6 cycles we were blessed with our son Lucas, then 2.5yrs after his birth we again underwent 6 cycles of treatment before falling pregnant but sadly it wasn't meant to be & we experienced the sadness of losing a much wanted baby, that we had endured months of treatment to make it possible... afterwards the hospital told us we had 1 more cycle left if we wanted to try...i didn't want to think what if so agreed to go ahead not expecting it to work but to our shock it did and Roo became a part of our family . He is the reason this blog was born.

I never ever thought I would be a "special needs mum" . Thrown into a completely different world that that we experienced with our first two boys we soon embraced it as regardless of his issues we were his parents and we would get through it. Fast forward 5yrs and the complete and utter shock in discovering my body achieved the impossible - a baby without any intervention. Faith joined our family and soon we learned we had another child with additional needs but we knew we could deal with it and she has completed our family.

I love every moment of motherhood from the moment I held my eldest to the present and always will.

Motherhood isn't a bed of roses you know, often we are the glue that hold the family togethér, we deal with the sleepless nights, are regularly exposed to the joys of vomit & poo, temper tantrums, mood swings as they get older, watching them have to deal with difficult issues, having to fight for them constantly and so on. You are responsible for those tiny human beings, it's up to you to shower them with love and happiness,  to nurture them, to guide and teach them everything you know. Alongside the happiness also comes the worry, fear and aniexty as they grow up in a harsh world. 

Motherhood is hard, even harder when you have children with additional needs as you have also got to be a carer doing everything for your child 24/7, nurse as you have to administer regular medication on a daily basis, a warrier to fight battles to ensure your child gets the support they need , being a secretary as you have to manage the appointments, paperwork & regular meetings, a mombie as you have to do all of this on very little sleep and some nights you are lucky to get 2hrs sleep...  but it's also the most rewarding role ever and I have loved every single moment. I have the best job in the world. My children are my everything.

Happy Mothers Day