Becoming a big kid...

Losing your first tooth is a huge milestone as its a sign you are becoming a big kid! Well that day came on Saturday for Roo! 

We were told at a dentist appointment back in Nov/ Dec that he had a wobbly tooth so we waited with bated breath to see how it would all unfold as we were unsure how he would forward 3 mths, he started to wince when eating & wouldn't let us check in his mouth to see if there was anything to be wasn't until when I noticed he would only bite his food with the side of his mouth instead of the front and I realised it was the wobbly tooth!! 

But it proved to be quite stubborn and would not budge. On Saturday Roo woke up in one of his moods, very emotional, crying at the slightest thing, unable to tolerate much so the guessing game was on to try and work out what was wrong as he was unable to tell us. Gave him some crusty bread for dinner as he hasn't been eating very well recently and I knew he would eat that and at the end his tooth came out! He didn't really react until his Daddy said "your tooth is out yay" that Roo said "tooth is out yay"! He wouldn't let us look in his mouth until I started making funny faces and he copied so we finally got to see the gap! 

Trying to explain to him about the tooth fairy he wasn't acknowledging what I was saying, kept wandering off to do something else so it got me thinking what do I do if he doesn't understand. Lucas his big brother told me that he felt sad as Roo wasn't excited about tooth fairy cos he doesn't understand  (I think he still believes although I suspect he is suspicious as keeps asking me questions!) So I spoke to other fellow swan mums what did they do and majority said they put tooth in a box & in morning there would be an empty box with a wee present next to it be it either money, toy, or a treat. I thought this was a better idea in teaching him what a tooth fairy does (I like to keep the magic alive even if he has no understanding  ) so I thought this tin that came free with a McDonald's Happy Meal ( first time it's something useful and not needing to be chucked in the bin!) Put Roo tooth in it and showed it to him but he didn't like looking at the tooth. In the morning when he wakes he is gonna love the wee toy the tooth fairy left behind.

If I'm honest the whole thing has freaked him out a lot and he just isn't impressed with it all but I will keep trying and one day maybe he will understand what a tooth fairy means.

But meanwhile even though I'm sad at the fact that this is another thing he doesn't understand & it's caused him a great deal of stress,  I'm also all excited and emotional at the fact that he is growing up and becoming a big kid.


  1. It's such a big milestone that first tooth going isn't it? We are now veterans of wobbly teeth and I will be sad to see this phase go.

  2. Oh bless him, it's such a milestone moment, but I think it often means more to us than the children. My son freaks every time a tooth gets loose, he's swallowed 2 of them so far too! #SSAA

  3. I could have written this post myself. We are having the same issue with teeth and the tooth fairy. We are now on tooth five and actually used the McDonald's tin too. I wonder if the Peppa Pig tooth fairy episode will help. I'm glad that you got to celebrate the first tooth milestone though.

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