Blow me a kiss...

Just wanted to share a special moment that happened today!

We were early arriving at the nursery as we were at an appointment for Roo so we just sat in the car while Roo finished off a snack...he was in good spirits, hyper and excited when he saw Daddy getting out of the car to get him out of his car seat... 

As he stood on the pavement holding Daddy hand he was all hyper and excited as he could see me through the window so I rolled the window down and said "bye bye" and he just looked at me so I then said "Mummy is blowing you a kiss" and he watched me do the blowing kiss motion and then to my astonishment he tried to copy by putting his hand to his mouth and then down...I squealed in excitement and when Roo saw my delight he smiled his biggest smile and started flapping!

OK, he didn't understand the significance, according to him he was just copying a gesture without understanding the meaning but he BLEW ME A KISS! This was a moment I was going to treasure forever...the sight of him blowing me a kiss...I got a bit emotional and felt all warm and fuzzy inside...It put a smile on my face for the rest of the day...

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  1. What a fantastic moment, and one to cherish forever. It really made me smile. Really hope you get this moment again.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)


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