Another year, another birthday

When it comes to your children's birthdays you see your children as they get older get excited in the run up to their birthday, they point out what they really want, they ask if they can have a party or friend over or go somewhere for the spend your time happily organising their birthday trying to fulfil their dreams/wishes and making sure they have a day to remember.. I have all this with my older two children and I really enjoy shopping for their presents, wrapping them up, watching the excitement in them esp the night before, seeing their eyes light up when they open their presents etc... I expected the same with Roo but instead I was surprised at how I felt this year...

We were at a lost what to buy Roo for his birthday this year... he still cannot communicate, doesn't understand toys so it was a struggle but eventually we settled on a musical, moving Micky Mouse, a toy guitar, Mr Tumble spotty bag with Mr Tumble toy phone, Mr Tumble tablet...all things that we thought he would be interested in as he adores Mr Tumble and Mickey Mouse... But I started to worry it wasn't a lot but then what do you buy a child who doesn't understand toys, who doesn't really play with them? What if he didn't like what I bought him? How would he be on the day? I had a mixture of emotions about the day looming...

My dad came up the day before with the birthday cake as my mum had bought it for him along with some nibbles for the kids, Roo was excited to see his grandad and was all smiles, playing with Grandad's hat and my dad said to Roo " Are you going to be 3 tomorrow?" then said "its your birthday tomorrow" but Roo just carried on clapping and laughing at himself wearing Grandad's hat, this made me and hubby sad as it shows he simply doesn't understand the significance that it was his birthday the next day, he just didn't understand what was being said to him...

On the morning I got him up and gave him a big cuddle and whispered "Happy Birthday" into his ear...his brothers bounced into the room,all excited and saying "happy birthday Roo" and he wasn't fazed at all..just carried on tormenting poor Pepper who was being a good sport and wagging her tail like mad making Roo laugh... Went downstairs and Roo looked at the presents, walked past them to the sofa then back up to them when I said its for Roo...I helped him to open them up as thought he would rip the paper off but he only did it if I did it first, once all paper was off he had a quick look at his presents and grabbed the guitar and sat on the sofa playing it..

Opening presents with help from Mummy

Listening to Mickey Mouse!

Once the older boys were at school we just chilled out most of the morning and tried to engaged Roo in some of his new toys but he wasn't interested and wanted to watch Mr Tumble & Spongebob on the TV! Managed to get his interest for a few mins :-)  In the afternoon he went to nursery as usual and when he came home, Grandma & Grandad, Aunty Louise, Cameron & Niamh were all here at our house for some cake and drinks. Roo enjoyed having all his family around him and took an interest in the horse we bought him making us laugh as he knew what to do with it that it goes between your legs and he bounced his knees like he was riding the horse...with his glasses on he actually looked like Harry Potter riding a broomstick!! He loved seeing the candles lit on the cake and was excited looking at them...he still cannot blow so we all did it for him. He then spent the next half hour stuffing his face with cake!!  

Roo cake - must be Mr Tumble!

Candle time :-) the other cake is one my mum made that is gluten free as my niece is celiac.

That night once everyone was gone, house cleaned, boys in their beds we reflected on the day... Hubby and I were sad that Roo didn't understand that it was his birthday, that to him it was just another day, he didn't understand why he had presents, that he didn't play with his new toys very much.. it was exactly the same as last year.. it made us sad that even though he has made great progress he hasn't progressed much in his understanding and awareness...I felt so emotional and teary ...he was the same as he was a year ago the only difference being that he was a whole year older now...

BUT despite our feelings, he was happy, he had a smile on his face like he always does, he enjoyed having his family around him, smiling and made us realise that the main thing was not that it was his birthday but that he was HAPPY ... and as long as he is happy then I'm happy..

Happy Birthday to our Roo Roo..