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Bangs & Flashes

Fireworks are normally loved by adults and children all over the world… many places put on huge spectacular displays that leave you in awe.  We also know that its also disliked for the effects it has on animals,  making them shake,  cower in fear and unable to settle. I have often heard of some disabled children who are unable to cope with the noise etc but it was never the case with Roo.  I personally love watching fireworks and always have since I was a child,  my older two kids love them too and so did Roo but I think those days are over… 

When Roo was younger I have taken him to firework displays, used sparklers and even had our own fireworks one year and Roo always coped ok but this year that was no longer the case.  My neighbour across the road was setting of fireworks when I thought I would take Roo outside to watch them,  I opened the door and Roo stopped.. Thinking he was just being his usual stubborn self I tried to gently pull him outside and he wouldnt budge, so I lifted him and he put his foot on the door way to try and stop me taking him out…so I stood in doorway with him watching a firework go off… I felt Roo stiffen, his body shaking everytime he saw a firework shoot up into the sky, then as it went off he would shriek in distress,  turned his head into my neck and body shaking even more.  I ended up having to take him in to calm him down. 

I feel sad that this is another thing that Roo is showing signs that he can't deal with certain things… he was never a child who showed fear,  we could take him anywhere without worrying  but this past year we have noticed he is changing and showing us he is struggling with certain situations.  He cannot tolerate people in masks,  dressed up, he is scared of statues that make noises or move,  if the older two get boistrious he starts to get quite distressed,  he no longer will visit santa , even objects sometimes cause him distress as a year ago we went to a special needs outing to the zoo and he didnt cope at all… the hand puppets made him shake,  people dressed up as animals made him cry and shake,  dinosaurs statues were the worst, you could see the terror in his eyes, they had tables with examples of fur,  skulls etc and we couldn't get Roo to go near them without screaming and shaking, they had the fire service,  police. & army with their vehicles for the children to look at yet Roo refused to go near, yet he loves playing with the toy version ,  or gets excited when he sees them flying by on the bypass, the hand dryers in public toilets are a big no too, the grass trimmer, and now we can add fireworks to the ever growing list.

No more firework displays for the time being… dreading New Year as many people will buy fireworks to see in the New Year… we will be staying in,  putting his headphones on with his trusty ipad to stop the bangs and flashes from making him distressed again…