Bank holiday antics!

So it was bank holiday weekend just past, it was far from a 'holiday'! I'm pretty sure my greys are growing in so much faster than normal!


Because of the endless antics my youngest got up to! Here are a FEW examples of what he got up to -

What's that white thing? Oh it's a wipe behind the glass...he managed to find a very small gap at the top and squeeze the wipe through! So the whole thing is gonna have to come apart in order to remove the offending wipe...what is it with children and wipes? If Roo sees a wipe packet lying around he makes a beeline for it and cleans the house with them ( think he doesn't rate my housekeeping skills?)

While he was quietly lying on the floor playing with his car I sneaked the opportunity to have a seat and drink my cuppa which was going cold after me abandoning it because he had gone upstairs of his own accord...I see a white thing flying past, just missing my cuppa...on closer inspection it turns out that while I thought he was playing quietly with his car he was in fact ripping the white chain off the bottom of my blinds and pulling these white plastic out and chucking it! He managed all this without moving the blind so I had no idea!! Let's say new blinds are now needed !

One morning I was getting dressed and Roo was happily wandering around like he always does until I realise a min later that it's too quiet...I walk to the boys bedroom and he isn't there, look in his room but he isn't there, stair gate is closed so where the heck can he be? I turn round and see movement in the bathroom...this is how I found him STANDING on top of the toilet cistern !!!! He has never done this before, I'm amazed he managed it and what you can't see in the picture is on the other hand he had his Daddy's razor (which is always hidden on the top shelf) and is shaving his face!!!!! OMG! He only had a small nick on his ear but how he didn't hurt himself I have no idea. Gave him a wee row and he just smiled his cheeky smile totally oblivious to the danger! But he is a genius at the same time as he obviously been watching his Daddy put the razor away and knew exactly where it was and even knew what it was for! So now the bathroom has to be locked at all times from the outside..sigh...more locks, this house is slowly turning into a fortress...

Then while I was talking (moaning) to my other children about the state of their bedroom Roo disappeared, I quickly checked and saw he was in my room, I took him out and brought him into his brothers room...while I was telling the boys what I wanted to do Roo took this opportunity to go into his room, climb onto his unit, lift the top of the bubble tube off and play with the water by sticking his whole arm down the tube! This all happened in less than 2mins as when I realised he wasn't in the room I called his name and he came to me looking rather wet! Confused I went to his room and at first I couldn't see anything but Roo came and patted the tube and it was then that I realised there was water dripping down the tube, unit was drenched, the plugs and sockets dripping, carpet soaked and I yelled 'nooooo' turned round to be greeted by a very happy and proud looking Roo!!!!! More cleaning or in this case drying and a full change of clothes for Roo I took him downstairs as it was nearly dinner forward bed time and hubby puts Roo to bed , switches the bubble tube on and lays on the floor and sees this!!! The missing TV remote!! Roo must have done this during his earlier antics and I hadn't noticed!!

At this point Daddy was rather stressed as was I ! This was only a small example of the many antics Roo got up to this weekend...he even broke the tempered glass on his iPad AGAIN by swinging it round, I've lost count of the number of times he has thrown stuff, food chucked about, pinching the poor dog, tormenting the cat, escaping out of the front/back doors, getting hold of sprays and spraying constantly till you are suffocating, generally being stubborn and having meltdowns need I go on anymore?!!

The house looked like a tornado had swept through it and with a husband who is slightly obsessed with cleaning it was just a complete nightmare with him having his own meltdown! 

He even decided that he didn't want to sleep most of the weekend and wanted Mummy to be in a zombie like state but yet he still manages to look so innocent and unaware of the choas he has caused this weekend alone...

This explains how he finds the energy to do all this on hardly any sleep! That's probably why I feel absolutely shattered today!