The first show..

I often hear parents saying that they wish they were a fly on the wall so that they can see what their child is like in nursery/school and there have been times when I've thought the same but more so at the moment as with Roo he can't tell me what he does , has been doing etc.

Last week Roo nursery class held a small party to celebrate Burns day so hubby and I went along, curious as it would be the first time we would see Roo with his peers. We watched him come into the hall along with all the children and our first thought was "hope he doesn't see us"!! Reason being was at sports day last year when he saw us he got upset wanting to come to us and didn't understand why he couldn't. But this time when he saw us he gave us a wry smile! 

First part was some Scottish dancing and we watched with big smiles when they did the moving in a circle as Roo clearly loved that - running round in a circle holding hands as he had a big smile whenever he did that part! When they did the rest of the dance moves Roo would just stand and look around the room, stealing a glacé at us with a smile on his face. When it was time to do the circle the teacher and the child on the other side of him would take his hands so that he understood it was time to move round.

Then they were put into the stage, Roo 1:1 was beside him all the way through and they had 4/5different songs to sing...while the other children sang Roo obviously didn't and instead he watched everyone around him, watched all the staff who were singing and doing some signs/actions with all the songs...every now and then he stared at us and gave small smiles. I love how the staff do actions/signs with the songs as with my other children their nurseries never did that. One of the staff knows more signs than the others as she works with sn children as well as mainstream nursery kids and my hubby and I were able to follow the songs simply by watching her, it was fab.

At a recent appointment with his community paed she had pointed out that Roo was still quite delayed, but we just brushed it off in a sense as we knew he had GDD but it wasn't till we saw him with his peers during this show that it really hit us that he is behind, needs an adult with him, and at times appear as if in a world of his own but we take consolation in that he isn't aware of it and from all the smiles we saw he was happy and that is the most important thing. Also it showed us that we made the right decision to defer Roo for a year as no way he was ready to start school this year. I was impressed at how the staff got him to sit during it all and that he coped with it all brilliantly. The staff there are simply fab

We may feel overwhelmed with worry , sadness and love but at the same time we feel incredibly PROUD of Roo , of how far he has come, of how well he coped, of how happy he was during the whole show.