Sensory Calender 2014

Another year, another sensory calendar done... I didn't do much as I hoped as its been such a hectic month and with Roo not sleeping his moods have been all over the place so have had to change several plans to make really easy are the photos/videos

Day 11 - Ice 
This was easy as it decided to try and snow today! It was mostly ice and mush not proper snow but thought I would let Roo out in the garden and he loved standing looking around him, touching the ice/snow..he wasn't bothered that it was freezing!!

Day 12 - Christmas party... Today the SN playgroup that Roo went to had their Christmas party..Roo enjoyed playing with the sensory beads, playing the drums before going through to the other room for some music and games before going for some food...Roo who normally stuffs his face wasn't too impressed with the food and was more interested in playing with the Velcro on the chair! Then Santa paid a visit..Roo signed "Santa" and tried to say it too 😀 he was fine as long as Santa didn't speak to him or go near him! If he spoke to him Roo would move backwards away with an unsure look on his face lol!

Day 13 - Roo wanted to spend some time in his dark den so I put the light up snowmen and the tree which he got at his Christmas party yesterday and he quite happily lay there watching the lights flash on and off

Day 14 - sensory box with rice, lentils mixed with glitter and some tinsel bits/pom-poms through it and Roo absolutely loved it ....he loved pouring it, chucking it about and running his hands though it,,, if I let him he would sit for hours doing this! 

Day 15 - Christmas stickers...did an easy one as he was very tired despite having a nap during the hub nativity in church! Big brothers were making cards so got him to get the stickers and stick onto some foam...a few months ago he couldn't stand stickers and hated touching them but today he was OK with them which surprised me

Day 16 - Mince pies
I had to make some slimming world mince pies for her group tomorrow so Roo helped me to do some cutting circles with the shape cutter and he really liked doing it...too much that I had to keep redoing it all! Once it was cooked and cooled I put Roo in his chair and put one of them in front of him..He looked at it in disgust and kept trying to get away from it..He didn't want to touch it or taste it...if I lifted the pie he started his whiny cry which worked so I took the horrible pie away!!

Day 17 - Snow globe which is awesome esp on your face as I like the vibrations and seeing the lights so does play music which is why I like it so much

Day 18 - Christmas book .... Today Roo was at another Christmas party this time at the mainstream nursery he goes to and he got this book as a present so seeing as he was shattered after being up since 1130pm last night he clearly was not in the mood for much so just lay on his beanbag and we looked through the book together... He is fast asleep now after being awake 20hrs so hopefully he will get a good sleep tonight as he needs it ( really it's mummy who does!!!)

Day 19- laser light show...Roo loved this

I was so tired as Roo decided to have an all night party! So I didn't have any energy to do much so I got the empty tube from the Christmas paper and he thought it was great! He kept on making noises through the tube, waving it around and thinking it was so funny to hit me over the head with it!!

Day 21 - we put bells in the bath which Roo enjoyed playing with and also put in minty soap which I found quite strong but Roo wasn't fazed, in fact I'm not sure if he can smell !!

Day 22 - Today we are having Christmas Day at Roo grandparents house and his cousins are here too..they put on a concert singing lots of one of the songs and Roo is dancing away happily! Excuse his nakedness but he didn't want clothes on!!

We didn't do Roo sensory calender yesterday (23rd) as he woke up looking awful and just so grumpy and he had three naps throughout the day which is very he seemed OK this morning but come 12pm he started to feel sorry for himself and isn't feeling too great so I quickly put a hat on him and snapped a pic before he grabbed it off...this will be his sensory - a Santa hat!

And that is the end of the sensory calender for 2014! Hope you all have a good Christmas and a Happy New Year!! xxx