Simply Amazing!

I just want to tell you that my son is truly amazing...the change in him in 3mths is amazing itself that I keep thinking to myself "it's not a dream it's real!" 

What is so amazing you ask? Well he is communicating!!! I cannot believe it....he is so interested in sign  language and will now try to copy a lot of the signs we do and is even trying to say the words! It's like someone has flicked the switch and he is realising he can make vocal sounds and while a lot of the time he comes out with lots of babbling he also throws out words which often aren't said correctly but is still clear enough for some people to understand what he is saying :-) we still have days where he won't make a sound but as long as he keeps up the good days then I'm not worried about that. He also has started pointing, gesturing to things that he wants which is mainly to point at the biscuit cupboard or the fridge! Can you tell my boy loves eating?!! He will also grab your hand and pull you to where he wants you to go. 

We have also noticed that his understanding is improving too... If I open the dishwasher he will stand next to it and pull the dishes out , giving them to me to out away! , when it's time to feed my guide dog he will go and get her bowl and box of food and then put bowl back when filled with food ( while trying to sneak one or two into his mouth!) all simple things but they mean so much to me and it shows me that progress is possible, gives me hope for the future...Neuro did say that we will find he will make great progress then stop for a long while and then suddenly start making more progress before stopping etc...apperently this is common in disabled children.

Also another amazing thing is seeing his personality start to shine through....he is so happy at the moment, lots of giggling and smiles lately...the bad days are getting less slowly...he also has developed this cheeky glint in his eyes that just makes you laugh. When we say no about something he looks at you with a cheeky smile and then toddles away making you chase after him!!  But he is also becoming stubborn as if he doesn't like something or especially when walking he doesn't want to go that way or doesn't want to do it anymore he will just go floppy and drop to the ground..he is getting far too heavy to carry so are relying on his sn buggy more now when out in public. 

My husband and I were talking about how amazing Roo has been lately and we realised that this all started after the lumbar puncture he had to relieve the pressue in his it just a coindicence or did the lowing of pressure help him to feel better and start making progress?? I guess we will never know unless he develops the pressure again but hopefully he won't.

Here my amazing wee boy who despite his disabilities is doing brilliantly at this moment in time and I'm relishing in being able to say "well he can now do etc etc " instead of saying " oh having a bad day with constant screaming, just not interested in doing anything, wanting to lay on sofa etc etc" So we are all feeling the happiness at his amazingness after being in the darkness for a while..

"Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light "


  1. Absolutely fantastic, Jenni!! <3 You must be SO proud of him - big well done, wee man!! And doesn't he look just like Lucas in this photo!!! :D


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