If I had a Magic Wand....

If I had a magic wand, the first thing I would do is....
to enable my son to communicate..there are so many things I could do if I had a magic wand but after this past week this is what I want..

Its been a difficult week, Roo hasn't been himself at all...one minute he will be fine and the next he would be whimpering, grumpy. We have had a lot of screaming this week, sometimes lasting hours...I do everything I can to try and find out what is causing his distress...often I can finally get to the bottom of it but this week I have felt really helpless.

Despite being on melatonin which normally makes him sleep well we have had a few nights where he will awake crying, screaming or whimpering ...sometimes he wants you to cuddle him and then next min he cant bear to be touch - almost as if touching hurts but at the same time he wants the comfort of my cuddles..I often crawl into my bed at dawn once I manage to get him to sleep but alas within the hour he awakes again but full of energy...oh how I wish I could bottle up his energy sometimes so that I can have some!! 

This week my mother instinct keeps tingling, niggling my mind that something is wrong but I cant put my finger on it..docs cant either as he doesn't show signs of illness but yet he isn't right...Its hard to explain..Several times this week he has been so pale and lethargic...Ive had to give him pain meds several times which has helped so it makes me think its pain related but where in his body I don't know...this is when I wish I had a magic wand so that I could make Roo able to tell me whats wrong and I could help him but alas I cannot...

All I can do is keep cuddling him close to me...mummy cuddles are the best ...

This is how I finished the sentence "If I had a magic wand..." for Finish That Sentence Friday. How would you finish it? 

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  1. Mommy cuddles are the best and I wish that your magic wand could indeed do this and so much more for you. Thanks for linking up with us and sharing. And you will link up with us again in weeks to come!

  2. Oh gosh the not knowing where it hurts is the absolute worst. I hope you can figure it out. My son isn't able to tell us where it hurts either :(
    Mommy cuddles are wonderful.

  3. Oh that is SO challenging. It's the worst when your child can't tell you when something is hurting them. When we brought out children home from China they were 2, 2.5 and 3 and didn't speak any English. We felt helpless not knowing what was wrong - was it serious? We didn't know. It was so, so hard.


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