Amazing achievments...

Several of my fellow swan bloggers have taken part in a linky set up by
and its only this week that I actually feel I can take part too as Roo has made some amazing achievements this pass week alone & I want to share it with you all...

He is trying so so so hard to communicate! For a while now several of Roo team have been concerned with his lack of communication, how he is not progressing in this area but what Ive seen this week gives me hope that one day it may be possible to communicate with my son.

Roo is non - verbal, unable to communicate in any form..we have been signing to him for a year and half now and he had never shown any interest in it, we have started PECS but he is struggling to connect the picture to the object so is not using it as a means of communication at this moment in time...maybe he will..

What has he done that is so amazing you ask? Well he came up to me and TAPPED me to get my attention - something he has never ever done & he stared at me was as if he was telling me something but didn't know how, it was almost as if you could see his brain trying so hard to make the connections through his eyes... 

He is also trying to sign & is actually taking an interest in trying to copy some of the signs we do to him! I got all emotional when he signed the "more" sign one day the past week when his Daddy picked up his empty juice bottle! OK I signed "more" first and he copied me but woo hoo he actually copied me! This is a massive achievement to us...He is also trying some other signs that we do with him, we are taking advantage of every moment just now in trying to encourage him to keep on trying signs and maybe one day he will be able to make the connection to the sign to the meaning or object it signifies...

He also did another amazing thing... he was watching an app he has on his ipad that sings nursery rhymes and this song was "Twinkle Little Star" and he actually "sang" along to the tune...when I say "sang" I mean he made noises like "aa a ee" but it was in tune to the song which is amazing in my eyes especially as Roo is non - verbal ...Roo is very music oriented as he loves anything that is musical. Its the one thing that he gets great enjoyment from..he thrives on it.. Here is the amazing moment captured on video..It brought tears to my eyes...this is a sight I never thought I would see...

All this that I have written has given me that glimmer of hope that one day in the near future I may be able to communicate with my son...this is something that I have longed for and I'm sure many other swan mummies have too... It could be months, years before it happens or it may never happen but from what I have seen this past week gives me hope and believe that the future is a bit brighter....

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  1. <3 well done to your little man. The progress in signing is fantastic, everyone has to start somewhere, so if he's copying you that is a HUGE positive. Well done to you for your perseverance too. <3

  2. Watching this video brought tears to my eyes. I too long for communication and like you slowly and surely baby steps. There must be magic related to Twinkle Twinkle as Ethan started with this at Christmas, I too was able to capture this on video. Its on the blog somewhere. What is the app you use, I think it would be a good one to have. Are you on twitter?

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

    1. Hello... thanks for your comment :0) sorry for the late reply..things are hetic around here! The app i use for the video is just You Tube as i find it the easiest to use and share...Yeah Im on twitter..I think I am following @roojolly new to it all and not 100% sure how it all works!!


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